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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Various NYSC Hairstyles

From March 2011 to February 2012 I was a Corp member of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). We are popularly called "Corpers". The idea of the programme is to get young Nigerians to interact with one another by posting them to various parts of the country. It was through the NYSC community development requirement that I started my reading club at a high school in Lagos (check out blog post here). As glamorous as the programme sounds, most of us cannot wait to get it over with. The NYSC programme has lost most of its pizzazz but that is a discussion for another blog.

So I had to spend about 52 weeks serving my country Nigeria. As my service year rolled on I started taking pictures of my hairstyles. Now that I look at the pictures I can see some growth in my hair length. I also noticed that I was not too adventurous with styles. You will notice that twists pinned at the back featured frequently. And there is the style that makes me think "What the ..." I'll let you pick which one it is. Anyway, enjoy this blast from the "recent past".

Hello NYSC! Peace out and Good bye NYSC!

The curls are courtesy of the ever reliable Bantu knot

Okay so I was adventurous twice!

Twist it and pin it back. Oh and add a hair pin for effect ;)

Keep it natural!


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