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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hairstyles of protest

What hairstyle do you wear when protesting a government decision?

Check out the Protesters on the bridge too!

Workers in Lagos, and most of Nigeria, were on strike from January 9 - 13. During those days rallies were held in Lagos (and in other locations) to oppose the Federal Government's removal of the fuel subsidy. So my brothers and I went to Ojota where big rallies had been taking place all week.

My 'Napp Radar" was on (of course) and I wanted to see how many natural haired ladies would be at the rally that day. I spotted 2 and got their pictures.

Locs of protest

I like the shape of her cut. Check out the Channels TV news truck: top right


Bantu knots for me! Protective style for the harmattan

Keep it natural!


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