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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tips on accesorizing your daughter's hair

Thanks to  Beads, Braids and Beyond, here are some tips on accesorizing your daughter's hair. I have added my own commentary in italics.:

•Do try to limit accessories though. Don't use too much because they weigh down your child's hair and too much accessories can be distracting to others around. Imagine the "clanging" of your child's beads as she turns her head in class!

•Soak rubber bands or elastics in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or melted Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. If you do not have time to soak them, quickly dip then in and use them like that. Soaking them reduces the possibility of the rubber bands snagging on your daughter's hair.

•Do not make ponytails too tight and do not wrap the rubber bands around the ends too many times (when she has beads or barrettes in), wrapping them a million times is unnecessary. It also puts too much stress on your daughter's hair.

•Try not to keep rubberbands in her hair for too long. Whether they were soaked in oil or not.

•Try using hair snaps on the ends to hold beads in place instead of rubber bands. Check out these hair snaps

•Chose ponytail holders carefuly because: Ponytail holders are not created equal!

Here is a video on hair snaps.

 Then check out this video on how to make a party bow at home. Really easy and simple!

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Africa Naturalista said...

I have definitely learnt how to use rubber without it snapping my hair from this post.