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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Curl Ambassadors, Toronto ON - A hair salon for natural curls

I found this hair salon when I was looking for where to purchase Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. I did not know that The Curl Ambassadors is a hair salon. I actually thought it was a store that sold products for women with naturally curly and coily hair. So, I dragged a friend to go with me on our way from an outing.

When we got there I was pleased to find hair products that I had heard about and products I use. They sell Carol’s Daughter products!! They sell Carol’s Daughter products!! They also carry the following product lines: Kinky-Curly, Devacurl, Curls (Curls, Curly Q’s, and It’s a curl), and Mixed Chicks. They have other products specially made for people with curly/kinky/coily/nappy hair. So cool!

We also met one of the owners, Caroline, who is friendly and enthusiastic about curly hair. Actually, the whole staff seems to be friendly and enthusiastic about curly hair! Caroline explained why her and her partners opened the salon. Basically, there were no hair salons that they felt showed curls much love. I know what she means. Have you ever been to a salon where the hair stylists behave as if you are bothering them with your natural and nappy hair? How about the hairstylist that claims to know how to style natural/nappy/curly/kinky hair and ends up destroying your hair (and self esteem)? You know what I mean right? These are some of the experiences that led to the opening of The Curl Ambassadors.

The products they carry are not products you will find at your local hair store or hair salon. These products are made with mostly all-natural ingredients. Always check your labels before you buy products especially if you are looking for all-natural hair products. Who knows, we may one day see these products at our local stores and not have to drive long distances to get them.

The Curl Ambassadors offer their “Curly-Doo” service to newcomers to the hair salon. The idea behind the Curly-Doo service is to teach you how to use the products that they carry. During the Curly-Doo, you also learn techniques on the best way to wash and condition and generally manage your own natural hair. When my friend and I heard about the Curly-Doo service and the cost (it costs only $15), we decided to give it a try. So we promptly made our appointments for the following weekend. I will provide a report about the Curly-Doo after our appointment. I bought the products I had planned to buy and left the salon with a skip in my step and smile on my face.

It is nice to go into a hair salon where the staff is pleased your hair is naturally curly. When you have time, check out The Curl Ambassadors and pick-up some enthusiasm about your curls/napps/kinks/coils and perhaps some product too! If you do visit, O’Naturals would love to hear about your experience.


NOTE: The Curl Ambassadors, 159 Harbord Street, Toronto ON M5S 1H1 (416) 922-2888 (Tel) & (416) 922-2802


Chelsea said...

This is a great post to read. Toronto ON is indeed where you can find curl hubs! I found my favorite hub via JJ Hair Club at 6176 Yonge St. Toronto, M2M 3X1. I met Gloria there and she does wonder in my hair! Perfect curls that make me feel more confident with myself. I so miss her excellent treatment.

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