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Monday, September 21, 2009

First natural hair Interview with Omozele...YAY!!!

From time to time we are going to be featuring interviews with snazzy napptural, natural, nappy, kinky, curly heads...( you get the point right?). And our first interview is with my friend. A lady I met when we were in primary school (can you believe it?). Here is the interview. Drum roll please...

Name:Omozele Oluwakemi Okosun

Where are you from? Edo, Nigeria

What do you do? I work as a Jr HR Consultant in a manufacturing firm

Why are you natural?Convinience and a change of lifestyle

Before you became natural again do you remember how and what your natural hair felt like? Oh my lord! my mum still has horror stories about my hair (lol). It was full and thick and super duper hard. I remember cutting it off in big blotches all over my head because I didn't want my mum to "hot comb" it again; that thing hurts. I was about 10 or so.

Tell us about your natural hair regimen. I believe whatever you put in you can and should be put on your hair. I get a cut every 2 months, length is not my priority, having full healthy hair is. I use warm oils (coconut, olive, grapeseed and castor), sulphur free shampoos and only just discovered dudu osun about 4 months ago which is fantastic for my hair type(1a). I do a mud mask about once in 3 or 4 months. I do a lemon strip wash, condition my hair regularly especially in winter months and MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW (I stay in Canada where winter is 11 months out of 12 (I kid , I kid. Ok so maybe 8 out of 12 ) most times so my hair gets really dry)

What’s the best thing about being natural? FREEDOM oh lord FREEDOM . I am not a slave to the chemical relaxers, I don't have to worry about missed appointments, water or rain or snow wetting my hair or ruining it hahahahaha. "I am freeeeeeeeeeee freeeee falling" (sorry I had to break out into a song)

What are the challenges you face as a natural and how do you overcome them? Initially "rejection" from family and friends who thought I was being political. "Omo , I can't believe you are doing this, for what cause now ehn? you know natural hair is ugly" is one statement I cant forget. How can natural hair be ugly? But God gave me this hair. I dont think God makes or does ugly man... shuu . 

DRY BREAKING HAIR - Ignorant me did not know that natural hair breaks and we have split ends. I learnt fast and learnt how to moisturize and wear fancy hats in the winter. 

LACK OF NATURAL SALONS OR STYLISTS - gosh I stay in Toronto and there are about 10 , I have patronized 4 !!!!!! Can a sister get more salons pleaseeeeeeeeeeee???

If you could have a lifetime supply of one particular product what would it be? - COCONUT OIL, COCONUT OIL AND MORE COCONUT OIL PLEASE SOMEBODY COME GROW COCONUTS IN MY BACKYARD!!!!!!!

Who is your favorite natural head known or unknown? Why? That is easy Oghomwen Ehigie,  she got me started. Her full lucious locks. Gosh, I am still jealous and can't wait for mine to be as full. Plus the strength that exudes from her when she carries her many arrays of styles.. I told me I was going to do the same and I am glad I started the journey and never looked back.  And my mum. She gave up the perm in 1988. 


If your hair could talk what would it say right now? " Girl you know this coconut oil I have been taking, aha I hate it soo much but it makes me shine. Yeah, yeah it sooo does now, ahan and it makes me super soft; ahan and my hair follicles just love when they eat that stuff"

What is the most ridiculous question you were asked about your natural hair? "Wow did you put poodle extensions in your hair?" Someone thought I had on poodle fur (the dog breed)

Scenario: You are wearing a HUMONGOUS Afro puff and you get to class or work and a colleague looks at you wide-eyed and says, “your hair looks like a feather duster!” What would your reply? Why thank you at least that makes cleaning a lot faster since I have a feather duster on my hair :) Now to enlighten you, I wear a crown on my head, you see I come from a long line of kings and queens and this "feather duster" is a symbol of strength and independence. Now, will you thank me for a little history lesson.


Awesome interview! And I'm blushing about the hair shout out. 

Well, Omozele will be showing up on this blog from time to time as a guest blogger so stay tuned for more fabulosity from her.


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