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Monday, September 14, 2009

My week in hairstyles

I guess this post should have been entitled my last 10 days in hairstyles. Anyway, I started out with twists. The twists I wore were bigger than the size I usually wear them. After like 5 days I washed my hair and rolled the twists. The next day I took the rollers out and untwisted my hair to get a curly twist out.

After like 3 days of wearing the curly twist out sand got in my hair and the weather also made my hair frizz up really fast. So I decided to wash my hair and the next day I did a fro hawk. The day after instead of doing a straight up fro hawk I decided to do a twist out in the front so as to achieve a different style.

On Sunday I combed out my hair and wore it wrapped on the sides. I added some hair jewels for some sparkle.

And that was my week or rather the last 10 days in hairstyles.


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