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Friday, September 11, 2009

My Hair Regimen

I basically switch between twists and twist outs most of the time. I would say I wear twists like 80% of the time all through the year. (I wear twists so much that once when I showed up at my sister’s house with an afro, my two year old niece looked at me and smiled as she said, “Aunty you did not do your hair”)

My hair care regimen goes through cycles where I am super attentive to my hair and other times when I am not so attentive. But I’m trying to follow a proper regimen now.  I try to:

Wash and deep condition weekly or biweekly. Deep conditioning really depends on what products I have at home to do a deep condition. If I don’t have any products at home then I may skip a deep condition.  Before I wash I like to do a pre-wash treatment.  So I either do one or both (deep conditioning after wash or prewash treatment). If I am wearing my hair in twists for more than a week then I just wash and condition without the treatments.

Wear a protective hairstyle (i.e. twists) for a week or two then wear twist outs for the remainder of the week or any other hairstyle I’m feeling like an afro puff or something.

My ritual pretty much goes like this:

1.) Prewash treatment: coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, essential oils all mixed together and rubbed on my hair. I let it soak in for about 15 mins.

2.) Wash hair with Dudu Osun or shampoo.

3.) Deep condition for about 30 minutes

4.) Rinse out conditioner

5.) Dry hair with an old T-shirt

6.) Section hair and detangle.

7.) Style (usually twists).


Hair tip:

Most times going through the whole process of washing, detangling, and styling can take a while. So I try to do something else at the same time so that I’m not too bored or tired. When I twist my hair I could read a book or watch a movie. I love to watch Girlfriends (it stars one of my favorite curlies ever, Tracee Ellis Ross. ) Right now, my favorite thing to do as I twist my hair is listen to pod casts. I enjoy The Boundless Show a lot.

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