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Thursday, September 10, 2009

O'Naturals 9-1-1 : Wedding Hairstyles

Hello World,

We got our first mail from a dear friend  who is going to be tying the knot very soon.  She wrote:

OK, I’m beginning to stress about my hair?. So as you're aware my hair is still natural, but I have no clue on how to handle my hair for the wedding???????? O'naturals 9-1-1 any suggestions?

I’ve been coming across naturals who will be walking down the aisle soon and they are asking the same question, what do I do to my hair?  Z  at asked the same question here

O’Naturals thought about the question and Omozo says:

The thing about natural hair is the potential to frizz out from moisture (e.g sweat) so you want a style that will hold during the day regardless of heat and sweat.

Here are 2 suggestions:

1) Do a hairstyle with some extensions in it. The extensions will keep the style no matter whether you sweat or not. For example, do twists with very little extensions in each twist. I mean very, very little extensions o! So the hair looks full but is not too heavy and is mostly your hair. Then go for curls. Put the twists in curls (e.g. rollers or perm rods) and when you take them out put your hair into an up-do. There is something about curls and an up-do. 

2) Use your own hair for the hairstyle with no extensions. But you have to add product for hold. Use something like aloe vera gel or a gel that is strong enough to hold and will not give you flakes. You might also want to try accessorizing your hair like I did in this picture.

Above all, be creative and start trying out hairstyles early.

Hope this helps!

I am going to add to Omozo’s  information:

Recently I was the maid of honor and for my hairstyle, the hair dresser slicked my hair all the way back and added a weave at the back. Then she wrapped the weave up and added some accessories. The hairstyle was okay.

You can also try is a twisted Bantu knot out, like this. You can either leave it down or make it into an up do.

Ignore the ribbon hanging out of the hair. As Omozo said accessorize with hair jewels. More examples of hair accessories 


Check out this teeny weeny afro here:

Check out the afro puff on this bride. I’m loving it! In fact, I love the simplicity of her wedding. Lovely!

Have a look at more wedding hair accessories here:

The blog African American Wedding Hairstyles has a comprehensive collection of wedding hair pictures.

You can also check out check out some hairstyles on Black Girl Long Hair

Hairstyles for locs here

This is how Curly Nikki wore her hair on her wedding day

What about braids styled into an up do like the second picture.

Nappturality is always a great resource for everything natural. Go to and type in wedding hairstyles in the search engine to look at some hairstyles. 

Here are some other sites for you to check out as you plan your wedding

African American Brides blog.

Styles Me Pretty 

Plus Sized Brides

Project Wedding 

As Omozo said remember to try out the hairstyles before the wedding day.

Make sure your hair is in tip top condition for the day. Trim if need be. Deep condition for the big day. And you may not want to try any sudden moves on or before the day like risk a new hair color. 

Hope this helps. Good luck on your wedding and God's bless your marriage.


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