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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lauren's Curly-Doo

In my previous post, I wrote about the Toronto based salon The Curl Ambassadors and their Curly-Doo service. The Curly-Doo service is to show you how to apply the products properly to your hair. My friend, Lauren, went to try out the service and Keina is the hairdresser who worked on Lauren’s hair. Please note that Lauren’s hair is very coily so if your hair is a different texture, your result may not be the same. My hair is very kinky and I will post the result of my “home done” Curly-Doo. This is the process Keina, the hairdresser, used for Lauren’s Curly-Doo.

Step 1: Wash with Kinky-Curly Come Clean shampoo. This is a clarifying shampoo to get out as much product from the hair shaft. Wash hair twice.

Step 2: Deep condition with Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner. The deep conditioner was added ends of hair to root of hair. Yep! I think most of us work in our conditioners from root of hair to ends of hair. Keina said we should moisturize from ends to roots because the ends need the conditioner more. So she focussed on the ends of Lauren’s hair. Section hair to apply deep conditioner and comb through hair with wide tooth comb.

Step 4: Wash out deep conditioner AND DO NOT DRY HAIR.

Step 5: Apply Kinky-Curly Knot today Leave-in conditioner to soaking hair. Again apply from ends of hair to roots focussing on the ends. Anytime Keina felt Lauren’s hair was getting dry, she sprayed water on the dry section.

Step 6: Apply Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. This is for curl definition. Apply the product from roots to ends (notice the change here). The curling custard is a styling agent not a conditioner. Section hair to apply. At this point, I could see deeper curl definition in Lauren’s hair. Exciting!

Step 7: Use a microfiber towel to scrunch hair. This is to take out excess curling custard from hair.

Step 8: Dry hair in medium heat under hooded dryer. Remember her hair was soaking wet when the products were applied. Use a diffuser to further dry damp areas. Keina recommended air drying your hair if possible.

Step 9: Apply Carol’s Daughter Tui Hair Oil. This is to seal in moisture and give shine to the hair.

Lauren also got a hair sheet (I think it is called a hair map) that tells her how to apply the products at home and she got tips on how to maintain her hair.

Lauren liked that the hairdresser noticed problem areas in her hair and gave her solutions on how to resolve the problems. She was also impressed that the hair loss was minimal (very minimal). All in all, Lauren had a good time and liked the results of her Curly-Doo. The whole process took almost 1 hour. So I decided to go home to do my own "home done" Curly-Doo. I will write about this in the next post.



Anonymous said...

I want to try this line of product!!!


Indigenous Productions said...

Very interesting process. I really like the end result

Omozo said...

@Ada: if you can get the product try it out. Maybe find a friend who has the product and ask if you can use some before you go out to buy it for yourself. If you do try it, let us know the result by sending an email with pictures to "" and we can put you up on the blog. All the best!

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