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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beautiful Model becomes bald after using hair relaxer

Although this is an old story; it is a reminder that relaxers can be extremely dangerous. O'Naturals does not advocate the use of relaxers. However, we are not naive and think that everyone will stop using relaxers. So if you do choose to use relaxers, please use caution and the utmost care. The majority of us who have used relaxers can narrate a similar story to this one even though it may be on a less disastrous scale. You know, that story of getting burned after getting a relaxer.

This link was sent to me by Natureal Rox in response to the post "Mommy is my hair fine?" (Thank you Natureal!). Read the story of Isabella Broekhuizen who was once a Model but cannot do that anymore because of the damage to her hair from using a relaxer.

Isabella before going bald (Courtesy:

Isabella: now bald (Courtesy:

Keep it natural!


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