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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why did you not comb your hair?

I went to work like this one day.

A colleague asked why I did not comb my hair. So I went home and combed out my hair and it looked like this.

So my dear colleague: which would you have preferred that I showed up to work with?

Keep it natural!



Africa Naturalista said...

Of course, I prefer the uncombed one.
Honestly, I will like it if I dont have to use combs on my hair at all

Pepperz said...

You should have just asked her why she didn't have a shower that day cos if she did, she would have washed her busybody off!

Oh dear, these things get me so MAD!!! I hope you're well and happy. Merry Christmas love and God bless x

Anonymous said...

@pepperz God bless you. Wetin concern the woman for your hair. Even if you dye am pink na her business. Nobody tells of ish about my hair.....the day they try it the day they start to feel self conscious about their weaves