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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tips For Your Holiday Hair Styles

It is holiday time and many parties are scheduled for attendance! And as always, we wonder what to wear and what to do to our hair. What style will be “holiday” or “Christmasy” enough for the events to be attended. Don’t fret or worry. Unless it is a hairstyle contest, I am sure whatever style you come up with will be F-A-B! 

Here are some tips to help you:
(1) First decide how you want to look and then decide the style that will help you achieve this look. For example do you want to look glamorous or simple and chic or fun and ready to party? 

(2) Up-dos of any kind are usually considered glamorous. Buns can accomplish your simple and chic look while curls can make you look fun and ready to party.  Hey how about combining curls and an up-do? What would that give you? Glamourously ready to party! 

Twisted bangs with a corn-rowed out back

Corn-rowed out back

Roller set curls

Front of roller set curls with pinned sides

Bantu knot-out up-do

(3) Accessories help a great deal in giving a style a festive look. Try adding some hair pins that glitter when the light hits them. 

(4) Finally, do not neglect the basic principles of good hair care during this festive season. You don’t want to start out next year lamenting about how you did not take care of your hair properly during the holidays. So moisturize properly, pay attention to the ends of your hair, sleep with a satin or silk bonnet or pillow case, do not over manipulate your hair, and do eat healthily and drink lots of water. And do have a happy and memorable holiday period. 

Twisted Bantu knot-out: side swept. Ready to boogie!

Merry Christmas!

Keep it natural!