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Monday, December 12, 2011

"Mommy is my hair fine?"

While chatting, swapping stories and laughing with my sisters, my older Sis (Prof Mom) told us that her older daughter had asked her "Mommy is my hair fine?" Of course Sis immediately told Little Niece that hair is fine. After some time, Sis thought about the question and felt it was a bit odd. Little Niece is four years old. Sis asked Little Niece a series of questions and discovered that Little Niece's teacher had commented that her hair was not fine.

As Sis was telling the story, I was putting on my gym clothes and sneakers while removing my rings, prepping for the invitation to head over to Little Niece's school and give her teacher some 'education' on natural hair. Thank God Sis is mature and was in her "church mind'! Sis said she would ask Little Niece's teacher about the comment.

Sis went to the school and spoke to the teacher. The teacher said that she told Little Niece that her hair was "rough" and that she should tell her mommy to make her hair. Then Teacher proceeded to give Sis some advice. "You should relax her hair. It will make her hair nicer". Gun shots in the air!!

Sis, still being mature and in her church mind, carefully explained to Teacher that the locs she had on her head were not extensions but REAL locs. Little Niece's Dad has an afro, Little Niece's Aunties have natural hair, Little Niece's sister has natural hair, Little Niece's Grandma has natural hair. "You see where I am going with this Teacher?" Sis asked. "NOBODY is getting their hair relaxed. So remove that from your mind. Plus, her hair is not rough. It is curly and frizzy. When did curls and frizz become bad?" Sis educated Teacher some more about natural hair. Finally, Sis told Teacher to give Little Niece notes instead of telling her things that make this little four year old feel unsure of her God-given beauty.

Prof Mom and her family

*Still in my gym clothes just in case someone needs some more education*




Myne Whitman said...

LOL @ prepping for a beat down or make that, an education.

Uwa said...

Mistaken case of 'Over sabi" !!. Lol...Prof mom in her church mind hehehe

Africa Naturalista said...

Lool, I love the way your sister handled it.
The teacher could have damaged that child's self esteem at this tender age, kpschewww

Natureal Rox said...

Tell teacher, that Little Niece's Aunty, who is a natural hair model and a Teacher, said "pack ur face!"

If she no hear, we fit use the word of God on her, (like beat her with a bible). Guess that is why Fela said "Tisha no Tish me nonsense".

Adesuwa Ero Garrick said...

Please, what's this teacher email address? Let me teach her a lesson.

Pepperz said...

Reminds me of the premise to Chris Rock's good hair. I apologise not to my kids teachers in advance cos if anybody sends my daughter home with that kind of comment, they are looking at a 'rearrangement'!

I am not a violent woman by nature, but God help the person who will mess with my children's self esteem!

By the way, incase you need company, I'm in my shorts and trainers as well!