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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Natural Nigerian offers some hair products too!

There is a lot of growth taking place in the natural hair community in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. One of the growth areas is the availability of hair products. Natural Nigerian, who we interviewed here, now sells those natural products we love. She has sent us her price list so our readers can order what they need.

Natural Nigerian offers hair loving ingredients and a few more things.

All Prices are in Naira

• Horsetail Powder (0.5lb/227g) ____________________ 1,500
• Nettle Leaf (Organic) (0.5lb/227g) ____________________ 2,000

• Hemp Seed Oil (8oz/237ml) ____________________ 2,100
• Flax Seed Oil (8oz/237ml) ____________________ 1,600

• Pure Castille Soap
o Tea Tree (12oz/354ml) ___________________ 1,800
o Peppermint (12oz/354ml) ___________________ 1,800
o Lavender (12oz/354ml) ___________________ 1,800
o Almond (12oz/354ml) ___________________ 1,800

• Bentonite Clay (0.5lb/227g) ____________________ 1,700
• Rhassoul Clay (Micronized) (0.5lb/227g) ____________________ 2,200

Essential Oils (not recommended for pregnant women or children)
• Holy Basil (Tulsi) (0.5oz/15ml) ____________________ 1,700
• Carrot Seed (0.5oz/15ml) ____________________ 2,000
• Tea Tree (0.5oz/15ml) ____________________ 1,550
• Rosemary (not suitable for hypertensive individuals) (0.5oz/15ml) __________ 1,750
• Lavender (0.5oz/15ml) ____________________ 2,000

• Organic Aloe Vera (8oz/237ml) ____________________ 1,400
• Flax Seeds (0.5lb/227g) ____________________ 1,600
• Vegetable Glycerine (4oz/118ml) ____________________ 1,200
• Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (8oz/237ml) ____________________ 1,200
• Tom's of Maine Beautiful Earth Deodorant Stick (Aluminum ' Free) 2.25oz ____ 1,450
• Tom's of Maine Deodorant Stick Unscented (Aluminum Free) 2.25oz _______ 1,450

• Huetiful Portable Hair Steamer with Facial Attachment __________ 33,000
• 8oz/237ml Spray bottle with trigger sprayer __________________ 650

• The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy ___________ 7,700

Orders and Contact Information
Want to place an order? Write to If you are wondering how these ingredients/tools will benefit you or how to use them, please send an e-mail with your questions to: . We can also be found at

Delivery to most parts of Nigeria is available. Just write to us with your location.

Keep it natural!


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