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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From Bantu knot-out to a French Braid - My hair in 2 weeks

I started out last week with a hair-do that I was enjoying. I corn-rowed the front and back then joined them together with one big braid to get an Alice band look. I twisted the rest of my hair and put them in Bantu knots for curls then took out the Bantu knots in the morning.

As the week rolled on, I started getting bored with it. Am I saying that one week is now my tolerance for hairstyles? Hmmm! That may be a problem o! So from the earlier style, I allowed my hair get a bit "wild" for an event over the weekend.

I fought with myself when I thought of going to work like this. Since I was not looking for an excuse to get fired, I quickly french-braided the back to make it less scary and less confusing *wink* for my colleagues at work.

 I will keep this style till Friday and then change it to something else. I may have a new style in mind - we'll see.

Keep it natural!



Anonymous said...

i LOVE the first style. can you do a tutorial vid on it?

Pepperz said...

Dearie, I'm the same with my hair. I have locs and I've curled it, done a Jenny in the block with it and now it rests in one long braid. All in 2 weeks!
I think that as long as you leave home satisfied with what is on your head, you be fine x

Omozo said...

@ Anon: Yeah I like the first style also. I was quite surprised to see the back of my hair looking so full! Sorry, I don't have a video tutorial of the style. I will try to do one at a later time.

Omozo said...

@Pepperz: I feel you. Some times I just let my hair be. Other times I get so bored and keep changing it. Healthy balance required.

Africa Naturalista said...

Kai, if only I could corn-row myself, the sky will be my limite