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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Envy

Lately, I have been a bit dissatisfied with my hair. It gets so frizzy so quickly! I am told that it is because of the humidity in Lagos. Okay o! Plus I look at some pictures and videos of other natural women and think "If my hair could just look like that". But it does not. Even if I use the same products and techniques she / they use, my hair ends up looking nothing like what I am trying to copy.


So what to do? I stared at my hair in the mirror (as if I was in a staring competition) and asked it why it did not just fall like so-so's hair, why it was not shiny like madam's hair, why it was not long like her hair and on and on. If my hair had spoken back I would have shouted "Blood of Jesus!". Thank God it did not! Anyway, the only answer I could think of was this: It is MY hair. It is not so-so's hair or madam's hair or her hair. It is MY hair. MY hair will be its best when I do the best for / to my hair and stop stressing about other people's hair.

Maybe I was feeling dissatisfied because I knew that I could be better and do better when it comes to my overall health. You know: eat better, sleep better, exercise, drink more water and all those other things I know are good for me. Maybe I would not accuse my hair of "wrong being" so much.

The point is: there is no point envying 'her' hair. The envy strategy does not work: it is not a successful strategy. I am here stressng and 'she' is there just carrying on! (Plus it's really not her fault because that is the hair she got!). So I have decided to do my best in doing all those good things for me (and my hair) and be thankful for the hair I have. Afterall, it is MINE and honestly, it is not that bad. This resolution, of course, is a work-in-progress  so don't think I AM HEALED! I guess I am working on being content; and peace and comfort will come when I know that I have done (and I keep doing) my best.

Keep it natural (and envy free)!



Sophia Cook said...

This is too fuuny! You are still having problem with ur hair, do what u say u r going to do.

Sarah Jane said...

:) always keep it real Prez