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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"What do you think: Weave-on vs Natural" - Classic FM 97.3 Radio in Lagos Nigeria Facebook Question

So I jumped on the FB page eager to see what people's responses would be. I did a rough count of the 28 comments: 19 for natural hair; 5 for weaves; 2 for weaves in certain situations and; 1 for skin cut. I was quite intrigued because I did not expect that so many people would prefer natural hair.

However, I was not satisfied, something kept tugging at my hair! I dug further and found out that here in good ol' Lagos (and I think in Nigeria) most folks call relaxed hair, without extensions of any sort, "natural" hair. So here I am thinking they were talking about the kinks and coils and napps when all they may really mean is relaxed hair without extensions. So this leads me to wondering if they asked the question again and clarified the word "natural" to mean kinks, napps and coils, would we get so many people saying "Yaaay napps go!" or would most people respond by saying "Napps? No way no!"?

Here are some comments I found amusing:

Sola Fadipe To be natural, honestly natural? Give me a break! Have u women seen how WONDERFUL u guys look in those long weave ons? Natural? Who are those guys kidding, their pastors? Every woman looks good in weave ons. Even all pastor MRS. Dazzle their Pastor hubbies in it.

Samuel Efe Onemu i don tire to dey see babes to dey look like monkeys with overgrown hair.....natural hair gives natural ugly babes dey use weave on pass....years ago na chinese hair,then india,,now na brazilian......maybe next na ijaw hair ! (Translation: I am tired of seeing babes looking like monkeys with overgrown hair ... it is ugly babes that use it the most. Years ago it was Chinese hair ... maybe next time it will be ijaw hair!)

Adedoja Adekemi Sincerely speaking, natural can't stand d elegance & class dat come with weave-on. Except in a situation where one is endowed with long & full hair that can pass for weave on. Men voting for natural are not really sincere. They don't go for simplicity! They are so easily attracted to elegance (Editor's note: One person 'liked' this comment).

There you have it folks - the debate rages on.

Keep it natural (kinks, coils and napps that is)!


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