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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Section Washing or Free Form Washing?

 I have been reading up on what I will call 'section washing'. This is detangling, conditioning and washing natural hair in sections. I usually wash my hair 'free form' then I detangle in sections and style. However, I thought it may be time to try another method. My sister sections her hair first then conditions, detangles, washes and styles. Who knows: it may be more efficient and effective for me.

I had a twist-out for a few days so first of all, I went through my hair detangling with my fingers to ensure all the twists were gone and to ensure that major knots were taken care off. I had read that it is better to do this first because your hands will feel knots better than a comb. I agree. Then I sectioned my hair into about 12 sections. I applied my conditioner (conditioner mixed with Castor oil) to each section. I did not wet my hair before applying the conditioner - I applied it to my dry hair. Then I took my wide tooth comb and combed each section one-by-one from the tips first. Combing through with conditioner in my hair was so nice and easy. I think I combed each section only 3 times. I combed some sections more because I was enjoying it! Then I chilled for about 20 minutes before washing my hair. Sectioning and detangling took about 28 minutes (yes, I timed it!).

Sectioned hair with conditioner in it
Wide tooth comb used to comb each section

Then I rinsed out the conditioner and applied shampoo to my hair and scalp. I usually dilute my shampoo and add some Castor oil to it. I washed my scalp with the balls of my fingers not my fingertips. And washed my hair by stroking the sections - I did not rub the sections together. Then I rinsed out my hair. I just poured water through my hair and patted my hair. I used a lot of water because in my mind, I was thinking "I better get this conditioner out of my hair or I'll be in trouble". I guess leaving some conditioner in your hair (not your scalp) may not be that terrible. Anyway, the pictures below show what my hair looked liked after washing it. I dried my hair by patting with a towel, again I did not rub my hair, just pats so that my hair does not snag on the towel. You'll notice that the sections are not as nice looking anymore. Washing took me another 15 minutes.

Hair after washing - messy sections
Back of hair after washing

Then I put my twists in. I combed through my sections again because I felt that there might be some knots from the washing since some of the sections had come undone. May have been all in my mind though!

Smaller comb for detangling before styling
Twists - styling done!

Okay so this is my conclusion: I will not use this system again for now because it took too much time for me. It takes me 20 minutes to wash and detangle when I wash free form but this took about 43 minutes. I also think that my hair is too short for this method: it may be beneficial when my hair grows longer. Until then, free form washing is the way forward for me.

What are your thoughts: section washing or free form washing?

Keep it natural!



Uwa Imhagwe said...

For me (mmh hmph) free form washing, then section (only coz it's easier to comb), condition and comb. Imagine spending 43 minutes on a childs hair.... abeg oh!

Omozo said...

LOL I feel you! If you are dealing with longer hair, I think section washing is worth a try - plus you can modify it to suit you.