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Sunday, October 30, 2011

MTN Lagos Fashion & Design Week - Where are all the natural haired fashionistas?

The MTN Lagos Fashion & Design Week, held at the Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites Lagos, Nigeria, ended yesterday. The event was organized by Style House Files. There were designers who showed their talents on the runway and at the exhibition hall. I made a last minute decision to attend the exhibition yesterday to see if I would spot MY PEOPLE. 'My people" refers to women rocking their natural hair.

With camera in hand, some money in my purse and excitement in my body, I drove down. I stopped at the first table where Zainab Ashadu of Zashadu showcased her lovely bags and belts made out of vintage Aso-Oke, snake skin and I think I saw some Damask there. She had man bags too. I did not meet Zainab because she was preparing models for the runway but I met her sister Karimah. Okay so these sisters are talented! Zainab is a designer and Karimah is a performer, interior and spatial designer and film maker (Karimah's website). Karimah did a solid job promoting the Zashadu label.

And the bonus part is both Zainab and Karimah are natural! Karimah and I chatted gushed about natural hair and products and ingredients that mess with our hair and on and on. After meeting her, I was confident that there were more of us walking through the exhibition. I looked around and unfortunately did not encounter anymore Curlies. I started asking ladies "Excuse me are you natural? I mean do you use relaxers?" Believe o! It was sad sha. I mean there were tons of ladies with ALL SORTS of weaves but none really rocking her napps. I am believing that under some of those weaves, are napps waiting to exhale.

Bags by Zashadu

Zashadu belts

Eye popping pieces by Circa64
Not to be discouraged about not finding other Curlies, I walked around and found Circa64 Jewelry. It was raw will power that stopped me from spending all my money there! This company has beautiful and well made jewelry. Helen is the Style Specialist I met at the table. She did a fab job explaining how I could use the pieces, what to do to keep them from becoming dull and she gave me the various options of purchase. Bought some gifts and ran because my eyes were getting bigger than my pocket!

Lovely necklace by Circa64

 On my way out, I passed Designers' Muse. I had to turn back because of all the shiny things I saw. This company provides designers and craft lovers with the items they need to get their job done. She had buttons, hot glue, novelty fabric, notions and trims, beads and loads more. I got some sequins that I plan to sprinkle on a plain headband that I have.
Beads, sequins and gems o my!
Novelty fabrics from Designers' Muse

Although I did not find many ladies rocking their natural hair, I still got some goodies worth talking about.

Keep it natural!



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