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Monday, October 17, 2011

“I am blessed with beautiful hair” – Interview with Dawn

I have always known Dawn to be a determined and strong person. She brings this same determination and strength to taking care of her hair. Enjoy!

Name? Dawn Ayodele McEwen.

Where are you from and where do you live? I am Nigerian, born in Montreal, Quebec City, Canada. I now live in Toronto after 19.5years in the U.K. (Honestly, I do not know why it took me so long to move back to Canada, now I wouldn't be caught dead living in the U.K again). 

What do you do? I am an H.R (Human Resources) Consultant.

At one time you had your hair relaxed. Tell us why you decided to go natural? I decided to go Natural in Feb 2008. I was moving back home and did not want to be bothered with looking for a good hairdresser. I kept my hair very short, but then decided to start growing it out in July 2010. I had gone natural in my early 20's and already knew how I would look (Cute).

How did you go natural? Did you transition or did you do the big chop? Did anyone help you or encourage you? I did the BIG CHOP … Hmmmm, I would say my Mum influenced me, she just transitioned.

Do you have a “hair mentor” or “hair crush”? My Hair Mentors are on Youtube - MsVCharles, Pretty dimples (for her styles) and Coilskinkscurls.

What’s your natural hair regimen? Hmmmm, my hair regimen - I mostly co-wash (using conditioner to wash my hair instead of shampoo). So I first apply suave coconut conditioner in order to detangle my hair. I part my hair into 6 big two strand twists. After I do my first co-wash, I apply apple cider vinegar mix (20% apple cider & 80% warm water), then I do a second co-wash. Then finally I apply my deep conditioner (olive oil, Shea butter, coconut oil, herbal essence - totally twisted, Giovanni - smooth as silk conditioner and an avocado) which I leave on overnight before going to my hairdressers to get flat twists.

So who is your hairdresser? My hairdresser's name is Maria Minto of Niles Hair Salon, 355 Albion Road, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 3P3 (Canada).
Products you would wait in line for? Coils kinks curls product line - OMG, her product line is off the chain, it works beautifully on my hair!

How do people react to your natural hair? Positive, or negative or just odd? To be honest I have had mostly positive reactions towards my hair but I get the odd local Nigerian say to me “Ahhhh you do not use soap (relaxer) on your hair?”

If you get negative comments who are they from? Mostly some Nigerian females (sad but true).

Comment about natural hair in your place of work. Do you feel awkward about wearing your natural hair to work? No one dares say anything about my crown and glory. I am blessed with beautiful hair and I wear it with pride. I LOVE MY HAIR!

What hairstyles do you usually wear? Why? I usually wear my hair in flat twists for about 2 weeks or a curly puff. I am absolutely useless when it comes to doing my hair, I can just about do 6 two strand twists in my hair. Two strand braids when I am in Nigeria, they are easy to take out. LOL.

What do you like best about being natural? The FREEDOM.

What do you hate most about being natural? Not a DAMN thing.

Have you ever had an “Ooops!” or “OMG!” moment with your hair? Tell us about it. In my early 20s, I dyed my hair golden blonde (shaking my head).

What do you say to other women who want to go natural? Go for it, it is total freedom; your hair will grow healthier and thicker. 

Lagos (Lasgidi) or London? Lasgidi (Lagos) for life baby!

Keep it natural!


Shola Banjo said...

Gr8 interview Dawn! Natural all the way baby. Love it!

Global Horizons said...

I just chopped off my perm/relaxer and I find this site just motivating!

Omozo said...

@Global Horizons: So glad this blog is beneficial to you. Congrats on the big chop! Let us know if you need any help.