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Friday, October 28, 2011

HIF (Hand in Fro) Syndrome - Even Grandma gets it!

Dad, Mom and I were talking and 15 minutes into the conversation, I noticed my Mom had her hand in her TWA. 20 minutes later, Mama was twisting and re-twisting sections of her hair. Then she would touch other parts of her hair and twist or twirl her hair. Almost an hour and she just kept playing with her hair. I had seen her do this when we talked or while she watched TV or read the newspaper or sat in traffic. Seems she just cannot keep her hands out of her fro. Then it occurred to me: My Mom is experiencing HIF (Hand in Fro) Syndrome!

I am a self-confessed sufferer. Anyone suffering from HIF too?

Keep it natural!


Twisting her hair

Taking a break from auditing the day's sales
And we have the "Let me touch and feel what I've done"


Ehirox Ehi said...

I have that syndrome too. Funny how I didn't have it when I was on the "perm crack".

Omozo said...

I know! For some reason, I was always reluctant to touch my relaxed hair. Now, I feel this strong urge to put my hand in my hair. Things that make you go "Hmmm .."

Ameze Nneka Obodozie said...

Soo true mama..we're all sufferers!

Ameze Nneka Obodozie said...

Girrrrrrrrrrrl...I tell u!...I love ma natural hair tho... shld have gone natural sooner.

martha said...

Am a great sufferer