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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Extension braids on her locs!

Tosin changes her hairstyles more than I do! Those who know me, know I change it up a lot. I have met my match in Tosin. Tosin wears weaves, wigs and braids too! We interviewed Tosin in September (see interview here) and she was rocking her locs.

I saw her on Sunday and she was rocking extension braids and I knew she had not cut her locs. Don't ask me how I knew, I just knew. Okay ... I have that hair radar thing going on. I digress. Anyway, I gave her the "Do not tell me you cut your locs!" look and she responded by giving me the "You know I would not do that." look. Whew!

Can you see the locs at the top of her head?
So on Monday I had to ask "What did you do to your hair Tosin?". She smiled and said "I got braids". I kind of figured out that she got braids - that part was clear. "How did you do it?" I probed further. "The hairdresser put one loc in each braid. And for the smaller locs, she put more than one loc per braid." Tosin said. I wish she had taken a video or pictures while her hair was being done. I know! I know! Not everyone is thinking of making a blog post out of their hairdressing experience.

Now you see them - Tosin with her locs in September 2011

The point is: you can experiment with your hair even though you have locs. I guess being able to get extension braids or a weave will depend on the fatness of your locs. However, be creative and try new things with your hair. And when you do, please tell us about it too.
Now you don't - Tosin with her braids today (October 2011)

Anyway, Tosin has on the cutest red coloured braids and they suit her. Perhaps not as much as her locs but hey, I am biased!

Keep it natural!


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