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Friday, March 2, 2012

Cocoa Butter

We are always looking for effective products, especially the natural ones, that we can use for our hair (and skin). I have heard and read that Cocoa Butter has some awesome benefits for the hair and skin. I met a natural haired lady who told me that she uses 3 products on her hair: shampoo, conditioner and Palmers' cocoa butter on her hair (Palmers' daily). Huh? Yeah that is what I thought. She has been doing this for years and her hair did not look or feel dry. I inspected her hair ;)

As always, try out a new product and observe how it works for your hair before throwing away your regular products. And remember there is no miracle product o!
Check out more on Cocoa Butter from Natural Nigerian's blog post here.

Keep it natural!


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