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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cornrows and twist-hawk style

I have been seeing variations of this hairstyle and wanted to try it out for myself. I had slightly different designs on each side of my head for the cornrows. I twisted the ends of the cornrows and the section of hair in the middle of my head. Then I twisted the front of my hair too. I have been twisting the front of my hair for most hairstyles recently because I want to minimize the tension on the front. The hair in the front of my head is really fragile and if I am not careful, I could loose the hair there. I rocked this hairstyle for 2 weeks and took it out. It was fun and easy to maintain: I just sprayed my water, peppermint oil and glycerin mix in the morning and sometimes at night. Enjoy!

The back was put into one big cornrow for easy mantainance during the week

Right side of the cornrows

Left side of the cornrows

That's the front

Keep it natural!



cece09 said...

did you do this yourself? it is beautiful!

Omozo said...

@cece09: Thank you cece. I got this done at the hair salon.