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Monday, March 12, 2012

Naturals in the City 2 was a Natural Success

All smiles because the event was so much fun!

It felt like we were among old friends. And I will be so bold to say that we were. There were many of us yelling "It is good to see you again!". And of course your usual tirade of questions and comments like: "Wow your hair has really grown" / "What did you use to get your curls so defined?" / "How long have you been growing your hair?" / "Why can't I get mine to look like that?"

Our Compere (I beg no call am MC!), Chigo, is a natural. All the presenters did a fantastic job: nutrition consultant Sherese Ijewere, "Hair Whisperer" Aislynn Adewale, and image consultant Ifeoma Williams.

Natmane of Deepbrown & Kinks did not disappoint with her styling tips. I thought I knew how to use hair pins until I saw Natmane in action. She also showed us different ways of wrapping / tying our hair. My styling session was fast and easy. I demonstrated how to do the Cinnabun bun. You can check out our "how to" blog post here.

Natmane demonstrating how to tie a turban

Ibhaze my model! Her hair after my Cinnabun bun demonstration

 I want to give a special shout out to the ladies from my BB Group African Tresses. They came out to meet-up and support and they all looked super fab. Yes o, they were the ladies in RED (black, grey and brown). Thank you ladies.

The baby had his little 'Baby Hawk' happening

 Oh! Genevieve Magazine's Editor, Vanessa Banigo, was there to check out the event and interview the Organizers. Genevieve is published monthly in Nigeria, so make sure you keep checking to see the write-up and more pictures. Subscription is available for readers abroad. Contact them via their website.
L-R: Screwy Haired Girl and Vanessa Banigo (Editor of Genevieve Magazine)

Natural Nigerian (she is camera shy)

Big and loud snaps and applause to the organizers: Natural Nigerian, Screwy Haired Girl and Sherese Ijewere. You have raised the bar again. Well done and I cannot wait for the next one. Hugs and hi-fives from me. Here are more pictures from the event. Enjoy.

African Naturalistas ( and Natmane's fingers giving the peace sign

Ms Fizz of LITK ( and her fly up-do

Keep it natural!



Bass said...

Love(d) it!!! The blog post + the vibrant reds, hairstyles and smiles present that day!

Nice job!!

Natmane said...

Beautiful pictures girl!!! I'm going to miss you Ladies plenty! Love all the support, the smiles...most of you were a joy to be with! Nike, Natural Nigerian, Omoze, your Sister...all of you...BLESSINGS!!!!

Omozo said...

@Bass: yes it was fun and vibrant.
@Natmane: you know we love you. Lots of room for you in Lagos whenever you want to come over *wink*

MINASEK said...

Beautiful pictures with beautiful hairs; I reallly like the fact that Genevieve editor was there; One of my favourite nigerian magazine;

Africa Naturalista said...

Pics up so soon? You try o. Been lazy to put up the summary

Omozo said...

@Minasek: We are glad a rep from Genevieve was there. I think it is time to promote natural hair and healthier living.

@African Naturalista: I trust you, you will post your own soon. *wink*

Anonymous said...

So sad I couldn't make it :(

Meanwhile, i NEED to know where you got your top and where I can get one like it ;)

Omozo said...

Too bad you missed it. Hope you can make the next one. I got my top from Odeva(Dupe is the owner). There are stores at 138 Ogunlana Drive, Surulere Lagos and 162 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos. There is also a place where you can give them your material at 6 Obalodu Street, Off Coker Roundabout, Ilupeju Lagos. Email: dupeodeva@yahoo.come. Call: 08023143212.

Could you please send us a picture of your top and hair when you get yours? Thanks a bunch!