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Monday, March 12, 2012

"I felt I just needed something that would be me" - Interview with Olapo

I had noticed this lovely lady about a year ago as she went about her work filming the service going on. A year later, I saw that her locs had grown longer and were looking great. After the service, I ran to find her and was able to get a brief interview. Enjoy.

My name is Olapo and I have had my locs for like a year and 5 months. Okay before I had the liver* to start locs I used to really admire it on people. It is natural and I like being natural: I like being myself. And I felt I just needed something that would be me and be my signature so that is the reason why I started locs. 

When I started, they were very very tiny popping up on my head. Initially when I started, I was ashamed and so I wore wigs to hide them. After a few months I said what the heck. I work in a bank so I could not go to work with the little tiny locs. So after 3 or 4 months, when the locs were a little longer, I stopped wearing the wigs and started going out with the locs like that and now here we are (points to hair)!

So what did they say at the bank about your locs? No they admire it now.


When I started the locs at first, it was very tough. But afterwards they started admiring it. In fact, one of my colleagues just went to cut her hair to get dreds. Anytime she sees me she says “I wish my dreds can be like yours”. I tell her that what she wishes now, is what I was wishing some months ago: so you are free to wish and don’t worry you will definitely get there.

Were there times you found it frustrating? No I have always loved my dreds. Because I have very soft hair I can fix a weave if I get bored. Anytime I feel like having my hair touching my back, I just fix a weave. The only disadvantage is I cannot fix a weave that will leave my hair out so I fix a style that covers my whole head.
What did your family say? My husband, who was my fiance at the time, loves natural hair. He kept asking me to go natural. In fact, he was the one who gave me the money to cut my hair so that I could start my locs. (She looks over at him and smiles). He loves my hair!

Do you have children? No not yet.

So if you have a daughter will you allow her (she interrupts me) ... No way! She will not relax her hair no way! I see these little girls with hair damage from relaxers. No way! Until she finishes secondary school and she is 18 ... even then I will discourage it!

So what is next for your hair journey? I just want it to grow. I am really enjoying it now. It moves and it is growing longer and it is healthy. I am enjoying it.

Keep it natural!


*To have "liver" in Nigerian slang means to be bold.


Anonymous said...

That's our first lady,pls keep d fire of that hair burning.I LOVE YOU

Omozo said...

Thank you. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love her locs. Please where did she get it done? I want to lock my hair also.