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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Different Textures Same Head

I had heard and read of women who said they have different hair textures. From reading I learned that some women have different hair textures on their heads and also hair textures can change in women because of various things like stress, pregnancy, age, and menstrual cycles (sounds like it is a hormonal thing). I did not think I was one of them. So I never really paid attention.

One day after washing my hair, I noticed that some parts of my hair are pretty straight. At first, I thought it was just dryness so I went into attack mode on those parts. I paid special attention to them when conditioning and moisturizing and oiling. Yet, no change. Then while I was getting my hair done, the Hair Stylist commented that I had three different textures! I was still trying to deal with two! According to her, my back hair is made up of looser coils, my side hair is straighter and the rest of my hair is cottony. I thought my whole hair texture was cottony! To be honest, this revelation bothered me because I wondered if I had to go and buy 3 different products for my three different textures. Moreover, how does one use one product, like shampoo, for one part of the head and another product for another part of the head???

See the left side of the picture with my straight hair.

After much unnecessary stress, I decided to continue with my normal hair regime. My hair was healthy, not breaking and I was not experiencing unusual hair loss so I really had no issues. I continue to observe how my hair responds to products and techniques. When something stops working, I change it: no drama required. I apply the basic hair principles we have all learned (moisturize, condition, seal, wrap with satin or silk, eat well etc) and I can see results. So my conclusion is this: pay attention to how your hair responds to the techniques and products you are using: when things don't work, change them (not your hair *wink*).

Keep it natural!



Curious Kinks said...

yes, most naturals have different hair textures. I have about 4, with the back hair being looser than the rest of the head.

Omozo said...

It is interesting how you find this out when you go natural. Not sure people with relaxed hair complain about different textures. I know I did not.

Chidi said...

I forgot a silk scarf!!! That was one thing I was looking to buy at the event...dang...
thanks for the bobby pins :D