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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tips on Twists

I really like the way these twists turned out
 Twists are one of the most popular protective hairstyles natural haired women do. The idea of protective styling is to reduce the amount of manipulation of the hair which should lead to reduced hair damage and reduced hair loss and consequently healthy hair and length retention.

 Getting to the point where your twists look "decent" takes time and lots of practice. Twisting one's own hair is a skill which has to be developed. I have reached the point where I aim to have twists that are satisfactory to me. I used to try to get my twists to look like another person's and that just got me frustrated. Of course there are videos on YouTube that will show you how twists are done. Do some searching and you will find lots of them.

"Not so micro twists" done on natural hair (no extensions used)
  • Twists can be done on wet, or damp, or dry hair. The results will differ depending on the state of your hair when you do it.
  • There are 2 strand and 3 strand twists. I am not sure how common the 3 strand twists are but there are videos on YouTube that will show you how it is done. I have not tried it yet on my hair.
  • You also have flat twists. These are twists done flat on the scalp. I describe them as corn-row twists. So the same way you do corn-rows is how you do flat twists but with 2 strands instead of 3.
  • There are many ways to style twists after they are done. Up-dos, buns, side swept styles etc. Accessories also add some extra touch to your twists. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!
Braided and pinned at the back

Bangs at the front

  • You can use products when doing your twists. Your choice of product will depend on how you want your twists to feel and look after they are done. Do you want hold and shine? Or do you want hold and definition when you do your twist-out?

And of course, you can take out your twists and have a twist-out style which could last for a few more days depending on how you "preserve" the twist-out.

Keep it natural!



Anonymous said...

How do you preserve a twist out?

Omozo said...

Hello please check out or March 6th post on how to preserve a twist-out. Thanks for reading.

Curious Kinks said...

hair envy :( Your hair is so full and thick! I love the twists

Omozo said...

Thanks Curious Kinks.