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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Styles For Your Twists

We posted some tips on twists and how to preserve twists here. Today we have some pictures that show some styling options for twists. Plus check out the Black Women Natural Hairstyles Blog. There is a wealth of beautiful pictures of cool hairstyles on there. Book mark it! There are also videos on YouTube on how to style your twists. Use accessories once in a while and see how it spices up your hairstyle. Put your twists in an up-do or bun or twist your twists into bigger twists! I always say: be creative! Enjoy.

Twists are rolled and tucked into elastic head band

Twists are wrapped into large Bantu knots and sewn together

Long twists held at the back with accessory. Gives illusion of a short Bob cut

French braid done at the back and in the  front

Wear your twists down

Top picture: Small sized twists worn down. Bottom picture: Then twists braided at the back as an alternative style

Big twists put into big Bantu knots then pinned together. This style was accessorized and worn by the Chief Bridesmaid at a wedding

Left Picture: Twists put into big braids and then let out to give a wavy look. Not a twist out. Right Picture: Roller set twists

Accessorize and put your twists in any sized bun.

Keep it natural!



Hussler! said...

hi. do u twist wit just your hair or some added extensions??
love your blog btw.

Omozo said...

All the twists are done with our hair. No added extensions. Thank you for following the blog. :)