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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Simple twist out with bantu knots on the ends

After washing my hair I decided on twists as a protective style. While twisting I thought "Hey why not put Bantu knots at the tips of the twists?" Thought it would be great! The plan was to have the twists with the Bantu knots at the end for a week then do a twist-out.

I was not feeling the look the next morning so I opted for a twist-out right away. That was a better looking style! The ends of my hair curled nicely and were not straight like they usually are when I do my regular twist-outs. Plus it was easier to sleep with the Bantu knots in than when I put my tips in rollers. Here are the pictures of the twist-out with Bantu knot-out ends. I also put a picture so you see my straight ends without using Bantu-knots. Enjoy.

See the straight ends?

Chunky twists with Bantu knots at the ends

Twist-out with the ends curling up nicely

See that section on the left of the screen? That one was doing its own thing! Little definition on the body but the end still curled up

Keep it natural!


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