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Friday, September 23, 2011

6 Tips to deal with slow internet connection

If you live in Lagos Nigeria then you may have experienced slow internet connection. I feel as if once in a while my ISP (Glo Nigeria) decides that I will not "rule my world" that day. So here are 6 things you can do while waiting for an upload or download or page load to be complete.

1) Convert your week old twists to bantu knots.

2) Mix some homemade Shea butter goodie for your hair.

3) Spray some leave-in conditioner on your new do. Add some Eucalyptus oil while you are at it because it relieves itchy scalps and encourages hair growth.

4) Oil your scalp with some of the Shea butter goodie you made earlier.

5) Cut up an old or a damaged pantyhose for a headband. You may need it if your Bantu knots do not come out as planned. Oops!

6) Massage your scalp.
Yes it stimulates your blood vessels and aids hair growth. But Lord knows you'll need the massage to relax your head (and nerves) if your pages have not loaded by now!

Pages loaded? Quick! You better get working because you never know when you might get disconnected and have to repeat these steps again. 

Keep it natural!


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Muyee Ero said...

Nice one. Caught my attention, cause MTN is neither connecting people nor is d link fast. So what do we do?

Omozo said...

Don't mind them and their fake promises!

Iguodala Etinosa Frank said...

I think you should change to Starcomms. It very good and there are a lot of options to choose from. it better than all the MTN and GLO.