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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Email from Maxine

Maxine sent us this email after reading yesterday's interview of Amen. Read interview here. Little did we know that she was a silent follower of the blog! Thank you for following and for contributing Maxine. Please keep us updated on your journey and remember that we are here to help and support you.

Keep it natural!



My name is Maxine Thompson & I am on my natural hair jouney like my sister Amen. I finally made a decision to go completely natural when I found myself becoming more & more frustrated with the same style everyday. I have texturized my hair in the past & was scared that I could never maintain my own hair in it's natural state. Boy, was I surprised!

A good friend of mine started wearing her hair natural & encouraged me to go on Youtube & research some videos that taught how to wear & maintain my natural hair. I was afraid at first because all I thought I could do was simple plats.

Well, I'm officially a fan of Toni Daley who is from Toronto & I dare to say that I am also keeping a video blog tracking my successes & failures in the world of "Nappiness" as my friend so passionately calls it. I"ve posted 1 video so far on O'Naturals Facebook page (see Maxine's Facebook post here) & would love to send you some footage in the near future.

I'm enjoying this journey so much & I am inspired by other women of colour who have joined the revolution of embracing our natural beauty; from the nap of our heads to the souls of our feet!

Love & Blessings & Happy Nappiness!

Maxine Thompson

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