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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Email from Abi

Here is an email from Abi. She shares some interesting feedback she got regarding natural hair / hairstyles. We will be posting an interview of Abi within the week. She is a poet and writer and she can be found on her blog. Make sure you check out her blog here! Check out her other site here. Thank you for sharing Abi.

Plus, we will be posting an interview of Abi next week Monday. So exciting. Check out the interview on Monday!

Keep it natural!

Dear O'Naturals

Infact, just recently, my mum called to tell me that a pastor at the church she went to said that parents should warn their chidren who have natural dreads to cut them off as it will invite the spirit of madness, so I educated her about the film 'Good hair' and she's happy for me to leave my hair [in dreadlocs].

Then more recently, someone had the audacity to 'suggest' to me that the reason I was still single was because of the 'nature' of my hair! Seriously fa! I almost decapitated the guy.

Anyways I have enjoyed your blog and I'm now following it. I've learnt so much from it and I'm even taking better care of my cherished locks.

Best wishes.


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