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Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Tips to help with hair boredom

When I get bored with my hair, the scissors look so appealing and I feel as if they are calling my name! When I run out of hairstyling ideas, I believe that it is time to "trim" my hair and I end up cutting it too short. After, I have cut it short, I usually call my sis and complain about how my hair "does not grow". Then one day, she pointed out to me matter-of-factly that if I stopped cutting my hair it would be longer. As a result of that eureka moment (thanks sis) I decided not to cut my hair and to let it grow. Thus, my last 'big chop' was in 2008. I have reduced trimming down to twice a year and I can say that I can see significant growth since 2008.

So what to do when you are feeling down in the hair dumps and bored with your hair?

1) Remind yourself about your hair goal. If you don't have one, now is a good time to make one. This gives you some milestones to  work towards and something to look forward to. Some popular hair goals include: grow hair to waist length; grow out the permanent red dye; etc. Plus it is always a treat when you achieve your goal.

2) Change your hair style or hair routine or hair product or satin pillow case or hair towel or ... You get the point right? Do something different and change it up a bit. This gives you something to enjoy for about 24 hours until you get the itch again! A fun way of trying new products is to get a few Napps together and have a product swap. Bring products that are not working for you and exchange with some one else who brought a product that is not working for them. You can do this while the Mission Impossible theme song is playing in the background!

3) Get a hair buddy. Hair buddies can be life savers I tell you! Share your goals with your hair buddy and commit to being accountable to them. Share challenges and exchange success stories. They can help during times of frustration and both of you can share things you have learned with each other.

4) How about doing another person's hair. It doesn't have to be about you all the time. Offer to wash, condition and seal another person's lovely napps and you'll be thinking of how to do it well instead of how bored you are with your own hair. It is wise to stick to simple hair care services like the ones I just mentioned. You sure don't want to offer anything technical if you are not a trained and licensed hair care professional. It is about giving to others and not about doing your best to get sued or loose a friend.

5) Check out some new natural hair blogs and You Tube videos. Take a vacation from your usual online lounging spots and try some other online sources of great info on natural hair care. You will get some inspiration and learn something new. And what happens when you learn something new? You want to try it out!

6) Maybe you should put your hair in a weave or extensions (braids or twists or cornrows/weaving). Not seeing, touching or playing with your hair for some time should give you some new found appreciation for your hair. Absence should make your heart grow fonder. Just remember to moisturize well while you have extensions / artificial hair because you don't want a disaster when you take out the extensions.

7) If all else fails, grab a pair of scissors and cut your hair! Then repeat steps 1 to 6.

Keep it natural!



Daniel Anyasodo said...

Nice read. Let's hope you've totally overcome your scissors urge lest you graduate to more dangerous items like..... A clipper. Lol

Omozo said...

@Daniel: I got myself a hair buddy. She is a tough on too. Took away all my scissors. Hmmm ... clippers ehn?