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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't diss the Fro - By Cabella

My dear friend, Jumai, invited me to join her, her husband, and his cousin for ice-cream and a movie. Jumai is not subtle so she said "Hubby's cousin is single and wants to get married so ..." and she went on to list his good qualities and how funny he is. Free ice-cream and a free movie with the man of Jumai's dreams for me is an offer that I could not refuse.

I was not sure how to carry my hair. I was torn between the two styles below: Free Afro or Afro-puff.

Finally I decided to go with the Free Afro style with a small hair pin at the side to hold back my hair a bit. I arrived at the ice-cream place and made my way to where my friends were sitting. Hugs for Jumai and her hubby and a warm handshake for the cousin (let's call him U.J). Very nice looking young man. "Jumai don try this time" I thought. We sat down and started chatting about stuff and getting to know each other.

We were all enjoying ourselves when U.J. turned to me and said "You know when you came in I thought 'Whoa to the Fro'!" We all chuckled and I took it as a compliment. U.J. continued. "I said to myself I better be nice to this lady. She may have hidden a knife in that Afro to stab me with if she does not like me!" I think U.J. was the only one who laughed. Jumai and her husband looked at me, half smiling and half terrified. I was not smiling. But Mr. U.J. The Comedian was on a roll. "We better sit in the last row for the movie so that Cabella's hair does not block the other people in the cinema." he said slapping the table and laughing louder.

 All I could hear was his I-am-so-funny-I-should-be-a-Comedian laugh. Jumai's husband tried to change the topic but U.J. was not having it. He reeled off another Afro joke and that was when I decided e don do. "Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom before we leave" I said as I frowned at everyone on the table. Jumai follwed me. "I am so sorry" she begged. "I hope your husband is talking to him o because ..." Jumai interrupted me "I know, I know. Sorry I beg. Just chill please and still come to the movie. Maybe he is nervous." I eyed Jumai.

By the time we got out of the bathroom, Jumai's husband and U.J. were waiting at the door to leave. Jumai's husband suggested I go with U.J. in his car. I shook my head but U.J. did not see me.  "Which way are we heading?" U.J. asked. "That way" I said pointing in the direction away from the cinema. "It is the Idiot's exit".



Pepperz said...

Again babe, I'm your loyal fan! You have just made my week. Nice retort!

Flora Ufomadu-Nwagagbo said...

Omozo, you won't kill me laughter!..:-)