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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Naija Diamonds Season 2

Hello All,

Naija Diamonds season 2 is here. And it's time for you to send in your nominees.

Did I hear someone say what is Naija Diamonds? Well, Naija Diamonds is a television series that debuted last year. It profiles the lives of everyday Nigerians who are positively changing their communities and even the nation through something that they are doing.

Last year the television series profiled the stories of 36 Nigerians. All of them had something unique to offer. There were people of all ages and from every facet of society. Some of them were business owners, others were students, some were running NGOs
while others had personal stories of triumph. Some of them were using music to change the nation while others were using the power of books to impact children. Now Naija Diamonds season 2 is in need of nominations for this season. Do you know any Nigerian ( or are you that person )who is impacting the community or nation positively through their own initiative. It could be
through business, non-profits, education, technology, medicine, sports e.t.c.

If you do, you could either nominate that person (or yourself) by visiting to download a nomination form.


Send a story about yourself or nominee in not more than 500 words to Completed stories can also be posted to P. O. Box 51286, Ikoyi, Lagos

Entries open from August 29 to October 31, 2011


And if you like you could notify me about any nomination you send in. Thanks
a lot everyone.

I'm looking forward to Naija Diamonds season 2 and I hope you are too.

And please feel free to forward this information to others.

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