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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A simple deep conditioner

So you would like to do a deep conditioning treatment but alas you just ran out of store bought deep conditioner. What do you do?

Try making your own by using your regular rinse out conditioner as a base. Take some rinse-out conditioner, add an egg (or two eggs if you have a lot of hair).

Add some olive oil, mix it all together and apply to your hair. Let it sit for a while then rinse it all out. Note: do not rinse out with hot or warm water since you do not want cooked eggs in your hair.

I tried this recipe the other day only that I used it as a pre-wash treatment. It worked very well for me. It left my hair feeling niiiiiicccceeeeee.


Ehirox said...

Can I just second this. So I was in the kitchen again 2 weeks ago and I did an egg protein condition treatment conditioning on my hair. I used the egg-yoke only, mixed in avocado pear for natural oil, and alovera to ward off dandruff. Other benefits of alovera can be found here:
Now I have 4a hair and the mixture completely made my hair curly (did it do the same to yours?). It was absolutely gorgeous . Yes definately do not, absolutely do not wash off with warm or hot water. If the smell of egg makes you add a bit sick then add some frangrance to the mix.

Omozo said...

Thanks so much for the additional info Ehirox.

Indigenous Productions said...

Hi Ehirox,
It did not make my hair curly but it made it very soft. Maybe if I did the mixture your way then it would have made it curly. Cool

Kellz Korner said...

I will def try this out