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Saturday, September 17, 2011

It burns! It burns! - By Cabella

Aunty Baby (we call her Aunty B) came to visit my Mommy. I went to visit my Mommy too. I entered the house and after the pleasantries sat down with the ladies for some girl chatter. We talked about food (which I eat and love to cook), clothes (which I enjoy but hate to buy), men (of which I want one to marry) and of course hair (which I have a lot of and it is natural). My Mommy reminded Aunty B that I have not relaxed my hair in over 10 years. Aunty B seemed interested for the first time. Before now we had talked about natural hair and her response had always been constant and consistent: it ain't happening on MY head.

So when she started asking me questions about natural hair, naturally I was intrigued. "Aunty B how far? You never showed interest before" I chided. Aunty B said "You know as one grows older, one starts to look for ways to reduce stress" I guess relaxing one's hair falls under stress for my darling Aunty. I was not convinced though. My spidey senses were tingling and I sensed there was a story behind her sudden interest. I  prodded some more. "What happened? Are you thinking of cutting your hair? Shebi you just re-touched it?"

My Aunty hemmed and sighed. "My dear I just re-touched o" and then she sighed again. She was using this high pitched feel-sorry-for-me tone to talk. I had to talk to myself not to laugh. I had not even heard the story yet and I was amused! "Haba! What happened Aunty B?" I asked. Everyone likes a good story abi?

My Aunty B proceeded to narrate how she used a new relaxer that she heard is not so harsh on the hair. "They said it does not burn" Aunty informed me. She decided to do self application at home. She applied the cream and did some chores around the house. I could see where this story was going to end and it was not going to be a happy one! She continued. "Honestly I did not feel anything like discomfort or my hair peppering me. I had even forgotten that I had the thing in my hair and by the time I washed my hair ehn! The back of my hair fell out!"   Poor Aunty B ran to the nearest salon for help! After doing all they could, the Owner offered her some advice. "Madam, e be like say you go wait like 6 months before you relax this hair again o. Make e grow small". 

I imagine this is how her hair looks at the back

I was in shock. Aunty B tied her hair so I could not see the damage. I wanted to ask her to show me but decided that it was not a sharp idea. I kept staring as she shook her head and sighed. I promised to help her with her natural hair 'detour'. Who knows, the hair detour may be a better journey and she may decide to continue with it. Poor Aunty B!



Ru Og said...

That looks traumatic

Valerie Phillips said...

OMGoodness. This photo made me read the story from the end backwards.