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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shuku styling from Ibhaze

As is common practise by most napps, Ibhaze took pictures of her hair while at work. *We napps can be so vain sometimes* ;) She shares, below, how she achieved this hairstyle. We also interviewed Ibhaze for the blog some time ago. Read her interview here.

"I lazily put on that scrunchie/ribbon thing on my head this morning, it doesn't seem to sit well but I like it there at the middle of my shuku.

So, basically, I told the hairdresser to make a shuku with curvy lines and some twists in front (that I later turned to braids because the twists shrunk).

I asked her to leave the ends of the plaits. After forming the shuku, I asked her to weave these ends forming 2 major plaits at the back of my head, and then to tuck them in. That's how the style was achieved."

Thanks Ibhaze. Your hair is lovely and that scrunchie ain't so bad!

Keep it natural.