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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tyra gets an "F" (and parodies too)!

I will not say much oh! The internet is already buzzing. Type F (Tyra Bank's new website) has some videos on how to care for natural hair. This is the first video I saw from Natural Haven's blog.

The line that got me LAWLing and LOLing (please don't use these words because they are not real words) was "Vigorously apply it to your hair". Vigorously?! I burst out laughing. I guess this "Tutor" missed Natural Hair Care 101 class. Folks please do not vigorously handle your natural hair. If you do, you'll loose hair (like the front of the Tutor's hair) and you'll get a headache.

Natural hair is actually the most fragile of all hair types. Believe it or not, it is true. That is why it is easily prone to breakage especially when handled improperly. So handle your natural hair with care as if it is cashmere. BGLH also has a post on how terrible this and other videos are. Check it out here.

Of course the parodies have been rolling in and some have been posted on Youtube. You can watch some of the parodies here. We are all learning about natural hair as we go along. It is good to do some research and check out several reputable sources. There are many reputable sources out there with excellent information on how to care for natural hair. Plus, it is a good thing to challenge some hair care advice - do it with respect and everyone is a winner. This just shows that not everything you read is correct. So I hope Ms. Banks and her Tutor have learned a thing or two.

Keep it natural (not vigorous. Sorry I could not resist)!


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