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Saturday, September 24, 2011

All about awesomness

My nieces and I play the "Awesome Game". One person starts by telling the other that they are awesome. Then the other person responds by saying "No, you are awesome!" and it continues back and forth. One day, my nieces came into the room while I was taking out my twists. "Aunty are you doing your hair?" they asked. I said yes and they got excited. "We can help you! We know how to do it!" they said jumping up and down.

I was thinking that it would be nice to teach them some basics of natural hair care. After all, they will have to take care of their natural hair by themselves one day. (And I am a cool Aunty). So I agreed to their offer. Excitedly, they ran to my dresser to grab their tools of choice. As they worked, I instructed them on what to do. Really, it was so that it would not be too painful for me. "Comb from the tips Samantha". "Hold the section you want to comb Stephanie". And on it went.

When they were done, they both stepped back to behold their work of horror art. "Wow Aunty you look so bootiful!" Stephanie exclaimed with wide eyes. I would have believed her if I had not looked in the mirror. Eeek!

Not to dent their self esteem, I responded by pointing to them and saying "You're awesome!" Stephanie leaned forward and responded "No! You're awesome!". I looked at Samantha and said "You're awesome". Samantha looked at me and replied "Yup! I am awesome."

Keep it natural!



Ola Yinka said...

Lol!! They are awesome sweethearts :)

Omozo said...

They are.

Yomi Agbenro said...

You are awesome. I've been following your articles and they are beautiful. We didn't know we had our own Maya Angelou in you. I think you have to take it to the next level. Well done!

Omozo said...

@ Ola Yinka and Yomi: No, you are awesome!

Pepperz said...

No, You're all awesome! Omozo, you are a God sent jewel, a very welcome friend. Please do as you please with my work. I know you will treat it with artistic flair and respect. God bless x